Review Apps For Money
Review Apps For Money

7 Best Sites To Review Apps For Money:

App Review is the procedure by which a web or mobile application gets reviewed by a reviewer.

It applies to both company websites and application software.

Usually, a preliminary review is done before the website is published or launched in the app store. 

Nowadays, with the technological developments and businesses venturing online, it becomes possible for anyone to develop and publish an app.

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What Is App/Website Review?

Review Apps For Money
Review Apps For Money

An app review is mostly a tedious process but is necessary for getting a mobile app approved to be launched in the app store and ready to be downloaded by users and used.

Major app store like Apple will scrutinize the process and review a new mobile app to decide whether the app can be a live component of the app store. 

There are particular standards and requirements that an app must meet so that it gets approved.

An app reviewer is responsible for checking the essential elements of disqualification, like whether any offensive material or significant performance issues are present.

What Are The Skills Required?

Review Apps For Money
Review Apps For Money

To be an app reviewer or tester, one doesn’t need to be a master programmer to be a successful Quality Analysis tester.

It is sufficient if you possess a basic understanding of software development, a keen eye for finding glitches or bugs during usage, and a lot of interest. 

But it is a general view that people who can write code have good reasoning skills.

But testers need not be programmers and NO specific skills required.

As we said, understanding the working of the software and how it’s developed gives you an added leverage in discovering and fixing bugs.

Understanding software is an essential skill for a reviewer. Some of the other skills required are discussed below. 

Excellent analytical skills:

Testing is not only about finding bugs or errors.

It is majorly also about analyzing those bugs to denote the most important and the least important ones.

Also, to determine which bugs need the most incredible amount of attention.

It is where excellent analytical skills are of great help. 


QA testing is a systematic process.

It is indeed a massive task for testers to focus even after analyzing and reporting the hundredth test in a day.

Since so much is expected from testers, having a need disciplined system is necessary to focus when the environment becomes dull and monotonous.

Systematic approach:

Some projects may require a great deal of time to analyze and discover bugs carefully.

It happens mainly when the application is being tested on several hardware and software combinations.

Immediate results are rare, and great testers have to follow a systematic way that is suitable for them to work further than the bare minimum.

Communication skills:

Testing is a kind of job where a lot of communication is involved. It could be with the project manager, peers, developer teams, or major stakeholders.

Thus excellent communication and persuasion skills are a must.

Fixing bugs is a costly affair, and one has to be capable of clearly explaining the risks when the bug is not fixed and the advantages of fixing it then and there.

They would be required to state the reason behind a decision that could postpone launch and explain its significance to other stakeholders. 

How Much Can You Earn Money As App/Website Tester?

Review Apps For Money
Review Apps For Money

By and large, most website testing companies offer $10 per website that you test.

Sometimes it may go up to $15 to $25. But again, this depends on the company, candidate’s experience, project tediousness, and the timeline allocated for the completion.

It could also be a pay-per-bug model, wherein the company pays for the number of valid bugs the testers identify.

Legit Sites To Review Apps For Money?

There are many legitimate online sites available that hire testers for reviewing apps and website projects.

It is the right path for those looking to make money from home or earn a second income.

We have aggregated some of the best sites that offer online testing jobs, and they are as follows:

Review Apps For Money
Review Apps For Money
  1. UTest
  2. Fiverr
  3. Apperwall
  4. Usertesting
  5. Testerwork
  6. Startup Lift
  7. Enroll

Let’s see the above sites in depth:

i. UTest:

  • It performs testing of software and conducts viable usability feedback research.
  • UTest helps the testers who wish to learn about testing and improve their testing skills post free training sessions.
  • It is also an excellent platform for connecting testers with paid project opportunities of various volumes and payment. 

ii. Fiverr:

Review Apps For Money
Review Apps For Money
  • This is one the greatest Freelancing site and it offers plenty of app review jobs online.
  • It is a platform that provides opportunities for testers globally to take up projects, share their insights and experiences for software and QA testing.
  • Usability testing can be a highly expensive and time taking affair for businesses – but websites and e-commerce sites must increase conversion rates.
  • So, companies flock to use testing services.

iii. Apperwall:

Review Apps For Money
Review Apps For Money
  • It is an online usability testing platform that also specializes in user experience research.
  • Their prominent role is to assist companies by perfecting their websites and letting them view the way people navigate through their websites. 

iv. UserTesting:

Review Apps For Money
Review Apps For Money
  • This platform helps to scale up research across organizations an easy to use platform.
  • It provides access to the most significant and diverse first-party panel.
  • They pay you $10 cash via PayPal on completing every 20-minute user testing video. 

v. Testerwork:

Review Apps For Money
Review Apps For Money
  • Tester Work is an online QA testing company and one of the best platforms for freelance testers.
  • It offers manual testing tasks and pays freelancers for testing top apps and websites.

vi. Startup Lift:

Review Apps For Money
Review Apps For Money
  • It’s chiefly a website that functions in two aspects.
  • Firstly it helps startups with the required visibility and reach to prospects, clients, and users.
  • Secondly, it provides these startup companies with valuable feedback from real app users.

vii. Enroll:

Review Apps For Money
Review Apps For Money
  • Enroll is a typical market research company that can sign up to test websites, content, or logos.
  • It is compatible to work on your desktop, laptop, smartphone, and tablet.
  • The site has customized tests that you can take on a specific device. 

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Payment Method:

Hey this is what our ultimate goal? Am I right?

Make sure that you should have “PayPal” account to receive the payment for the all above sites.

If you don’t have an account, try to create in 2 minutes.

Click Here to Create PayPal account in couple of minutes.

Final words:

Doing user testing for websites and apps can help you get paid in cash for your time.

Sometimes, it is possible to even for the best reviewers to miss bugs.

While the most thoroughgoing conventional testing processes may identify most bugs, it won’t capture them entirely.

Review Apps For Money
Review Apps For Money

Thus usually, the ‘controlled crowd’ of testers are employed that makes finding and fixing errors with the app more achievable in comparatively less time.

So, the opportunities are aplenty. Online app testing jobs are a great way to convert your knowledge and time into money.

Now it’s your turn!!!

My hearty wishes.