bluehost user reviews
bluehost user reviews

Bluehost is the oldest web hosting company that started in the year 1996, owned by Endurance International Group.

It has grown steadily and turned out to be the largest web hosting company, especially when it comes to WordPress hosting.

In addition to hosting services, they all provide professional marketing services to clients worldwide.

What is Bluehost?

bluehost user reviews
bluehost user reviews

Bluehost offers to host services for over 2 million domains all over the world. Their services include shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, and WooCommerce hosting.

They have a long-standing relationship and are officially recommended by ‘WordPress’ as an exclusive hosting service provider since 2006.

If you are seriously looking for the best web hosting then I ensure that Bluehost will be the perfect choice for your business.

Bluehost User Reviews:-

bluehost user reviews
bluehost user reviews

Before revealing my honest opinion on Blusehost, let me tell you who needs this review first.

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Who Needs This?

  • Affiliate marketers (especially beginners)
  • Website creators
  • Freelancer
  • Who wants to commence & develop business
  • Digital marketers
  • Ultimately who wants to earn money

Lets enter into my opinion/review area.

When I started to do affiliate marketing, even I did not aware of webhosting and all thus I took outsource to create my website by spending plenty of money. They made a website for me with 75% of my requirements. It was taken place a few years ago.

Then I heard about Bluehost company and seriously I was not ready to believe that much what they said bla bla about blushost. Later I thought to try once as a glance and realized, agreed with their points.

My first reactions after creating my own website with the help of Bluehost is….

bluehost user reviews
bluehost user reviews

“Wow, Am I a website creator? Why they didn’t refer it earlier?”

There is a statement that “Everything is in the SKY until we raise our hand” – Said by me (lol).

Yeah, seriously its a wonderful option for affiliate marketers especially for beginners. Even some people have commenced their own website company by only relying on this web hosting. Then why not you?

Features of Bluehost:

Bluehost has certain advantages that mark it the top choice. They are as follows:

  • Cost: Their hosting plans are designed so that it is well within the grasp of most users, especially for those in the initial stage.
  • Reliability: They are capable of powering a vast number of websites with the least downtime.
  • Transparency: There are no hidden fees or post charges when you sign up for your account with Bluehost.
  • Free domain: On signing up, you receive a free domain name for one year.
  • Speed: it enables fast loading of websites even when the traffic is high. Thus your user experience and WordPress SEO rankings remain unaffected.
  • Support: they offer expert support around the clock, and you can access it through phone, email, or live chat.
  • Plans: If you are beginning your venture, then you can sign up for Bluehost shared hosting plan. It does not burn a hole in your pocket and comes in handy with all the necessary tools. As your site grows, in view of which you can upgrade your hosting plan later on.

Bluehost’s Offers:

Bluehost offers plenty of hosting plans such as,

  • Shared hosting,
  • Cloud hosting,
  • Wordpress hosting,
  • WoocCommerce hosting,
  • Virtual private server hosting,
  • Dedicated server hosting.
bluehost user reviews

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Bluehost’s Pricing Plan:

  1. Basic Plan
  2. Plus Plan
  3. Prime Plan

I started with the Basic Plan and later upgraded to Prime plan for my additional requirement.

If you have a plan to start your own website, then it is a very suitable and better choice. Better start with a basic plan and you can upgrade at any time you need.

Final Words:

Bluehost provides a range of hosting plans that are very suitable for new entrepreneurial ventures and small businesses on the rise.

The services are complemented by many of its customers. It is ranked atop as the best hosting company by many websites.

They offer tons of features that enable you to build your website in less time effortlessly.

You can click my link to get best discounts on Bluehost.

bluehost user reviews

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Hope my review hit you in right time.

Now it’s your turn!!!

My hearty wishes.