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Cuelinks Affiliate: Today I’m gonna share something exciting with you all and this is especially for Indian bloggers and bloggers who get a lot of Indian traffic.

I’m sure that this article will help you to make a lot of money and I am going to show you how it works and the channel or the network which I am talking about is called Cuelinks.

Also, I wish to share the great bonus worth of $97 end of this article to boost up your affiliate sales. So, don’t forget to claim your bonus.

So lets go ahead and talk about Cuelinks Login below.

What Is Cuelinks?

So Cuelinks is basically a monetization network that helps you to make money via affiliate marketing. All you need to do is Cuelinks login, the rest of everything will be done by Cuelinks itself.

Why Do We Choose Cuelinks Login?

Now the best part about Cuelinks is that you don’t need to sign up for individual network.

For example, you don’t need to sign up for Amazon, Flipkart, Expedia and all these websites.

All you need to do is go ahead and do Cuelinks Login, once you are signed up, you need to place few lines of JavaScript code onto your blog and “blog itself automatically convert all the links into affiliate links”.

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Advantages Of Cuelinks?

Now when a reader will come and read your blog, he clicks on the link, go to the merchant site and let’s say he makes a purchase, book a flight ticket, book a hotel or buy anything from sites like Flipkart or Amazon, you will get handsome commission.

You can see the report from here..

So I suggest paying complete attention because I will share some of the good tricks that will help you to make a lot of money with this.

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How To Do Cuelinks Login?

So the very first thing you need to do is go ahead and sign up for Cuelinks, it will take a day or two to get approval and the approval process is quite easy, so no brainer there.

Once you are done with Cuelinks Login there, you will be inside the dashboard, so this is what Cuelinks dashboard looks like.

Cuelinks Login

How Does Cuelinks Affiliate Program Works?

Cuelinks Affiliate Program By Using Cuelinks API?

Now the very first thing that you need to do is get the javascript code that you need to put on your blog, so what you can do, you need to go to installation and this is where you will find the javascript code, so all you need to do is place this javascript code on your blog so that it will automatically convert all the links into affiliate links.

I will repeat myself again, this works best when you have Indian traffic. Now if you are wondering how I place this javascript code for the BlogSpot, you need to edit the template and place this code, you can find a tutorial online.

For the WordPress, you can use any of these two plugin; one is which adds scripts to individual pages, header footer or header and footer script.

So you can use any use any of these two plugin and place the java script code or if you are technically smart, I will google tab manager to add these java script code.

Choice is yours, so once you have added this script, Cuelinks will start working automatically, instantly and whenever a user will go and make a purchase, click on the links, you will start making money.

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Cuelinks Affiliate:

Now think from this perspective, you might be looking out for merchant websites or naturally to help your readers, now what if when a reader makes a purchase and you make money out of it?

That’s like an added bonus, right? Plus it’s not intrusive.

You are not showing any ad or you aren’t placing any banner so that will make your website look spammy or too many ads.

You are not doing anything else. It will simply convert all the links to the affiliate links; it’s as simple as that.

Cuelinks Merchants:

So this is number one, now let me quickly show you the list of merchants that Cuelinks have.

So once you are inside the dashboard, you can click on merchant lookup and here you can see the entire merchant that is using Cuelinks networks.

So let’s say, you can search for individual merchant also, Flipkart, let me search for that.

You can click on the name and here you can find all the details like how much they are paying per sale?

What is the affiliate commission that you will be getting?

Now one thing which you need to know that is Cuelinks pays you 75% of the actual commission. They keep 25% which I think is quite reasonable and is industry standard.

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Cuelinks Affiliate Tricks To Earn Money:

How to promote Cuelinks affiliate link without a website?

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Now here is one important thing, if anytime let’s say, you want to share a special deal from Flipkart on your Facebook, on your twitter or any other social network, well you can generate a deep link also.

Let me show you how.. So here is the Flipkart page link which is ‘Deals of the day’ where all the good deals are listed, so I will just copy the link.

Inside the Flipkart merchant panel go to the bottom and in this place, just add the link, click on ‘link me’ and you also have an option to shorten the URL, so click on that and that’s it.

Now this is the link that will directly take you to the merchant, so this is your unique affiliate link and you can share this affiliate link on your Facebook, twitter or even mention it on your blog, when a reader goes ahead and makes a purchase on Flipkart site, you will get a commission out of it.

How cool is that? You get a commission out of it.

So this is the longer route and let me show you the shorter route for this.

So click on ‘Resource center’, click on ‘link kit’, now instead of individually going to individual merchants, you can just simply paste the URL here, so here you go, this is it.

click on ‘link me’, shorten URL and there you go, so you can probably bookmark this link and whenever you want to promote any affiliate link on your social media site, I think you should use it and I think this is brilliant even if you don’t have a blog, you don’t really need to rely on blog to make money, with Cuelinks, it’s pretty awesome.

How To Use Cuelinks Widgets And Cuelinks Coupons:

So Cuelinks offers another two ways to monetize your blog and I walk you through that. The next one is ‘Widget’. So you can place a Widget on your blog site bar, so here, two widget which is already there.

Let me show you how to create a new widget, so you can create two kinds of widget, you can create a ‘Coupon widget’ or you can create a “Deal widget‘. So let’s create a ‘Deal widget’. Click on ‘Create new widget’. You can name it anything.

You can select the categories, so let me say if you have a fashion blog if you have a baby care blog, you can select one or you can select multiple.

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You can select the widget size, 300 is the standard size which I would recommend. You can use 300×600 or 300×250.

My recommendation is use 300×600, its tall and it’s quite visible.

You can select the number of deals and click on ‘show preview’ to see how your deal would look like. See how cool that is! I see like the preview looks cool, it does not look ugly and plus it would make money. So that’s about the Cuelinks widget.

This will work very well for a blogger who has a deal website or if you talk about deals or exclusive offers now and then, this will work really great for you.

How To Use Cuelinks Cuewords:

Now the new thing that Cuelinks have integrated is called Cuewords which is a complete new stuff.

Let me show you what and how it does.

So far, Cuelinks work really well on your blog when you are already linked to sites like Flipkart, Myntra or all the 600+ merchants they are partnered with.

Now what if you have not linked enough? So that’s where Cuewords comes into the picture.

What Cuewords does is that it automatically converts a word into a link, so if you have a word like ‘Nike shoes’, it will automatically convert Nike shoes to a merchant URL and when a person buys product, you will make money.

so here is how to use that, you can just simply switch it on, you don’t need to do anything, it will automatically get enabled with your java script code that you have implemented earlier, you can configure how many words that it should convert into affiliate link, I would recommend keep it 4-5 and not more than that or otherwise it will hamper the readability of your blog.

You can also select the color of the links; it’s a good idea to keep the color of the link same as what your hyperlinks color are right now, so in this case on my blog, all the hyperlinks are blue in color, so clue is a good choice over here.

Let’s say for an instance, if you have a fashion blog and let me click on run. So here, this links are natural links that you have already placed and its automatically converting this links into affiliate links.

So when I click on this link, this will take me to the Jabong site.

Let me show you the example, that’s it and now this Jabong link and if a person buys a product there, you would end up making money. How cool is that! Right?

Okay so this is typically what Cuelinks is all about, there is one more important thing which I want to tell you about Cuelinks is.

Final Words On Cuelinks Affiliate:

So with the Cuelinks, they also send you a daily email where they give you the latest offers or deals that you can promote, that’s pretty cool.

You have so many things to promote and they will mail you also. If you don’t rely on email, you can always login to your dashboard and at the bottom here, you will see all the campaigns.

So in campaign you can see, they have an offer for Paytm, you go and recharge Paytm for 250rs and you get 50rs cash back. So it’s not always about making money, you should also consider adding value to your readers.

even if say you are not making money with this, of course you can make money but sometimes its good idea to focus on reader’s experience also, give them something meaningful so that they can come back to you and with this deal, you can always promote good offers and you can create a deal website.

So this is one thing that I really want to talk about. If you haven’t created anything substantial so far, you can actually create a deal website using Cuelinks.

All you need to do is a post about good deals every day, promote them on your social media sites and money will start flowing on you.

Bonus $97:

You can claim your amazing bonus by clicking the link below.

Cuelinks Demo Video:

Cuelinks Affiliate In Tamil📢 Cuelinks Affiliate Marketing In Tamil 2021🎉With Amazing Bonus $97💰💰💰

FAQ On Cuelinks:

What is the Cuelinks Minimum Payout?

Few important things, Cuelinks will pay you when you have made about 500rs minimum, which won’t take much time and apart from that they pay you Net60, which means if you generate affiliate commission today, they will pay you after 60 days and that’s again industry standard and with that, that is all about Cuelinks.

Is Cuelinks Affiliate Free?

Yes, Absolutely Free.

Does Cuelinks Offer Referral Program?

Yes, It offers 25% of commission first 3 months from the person that who used your referral link for affiliate program.

How To Get Signed Up in Cuelinks Affiliate Program?

Just click this link HERE and start making money from affiliate marketing.

Hope you love this Cuelinks Affiliate Review.

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