DEMILKED: In this article, I’m gonna show you such a new and great way to earn money by using the DEMILKED online platform without any investment by using 100 percent free traffic method ever.

I’m gonna use the Affiliate Marketing as a tool to hit the Demilked Gold Mine.

Hey.. I’m damn sure.. this is not like others say…This is entirely different and I will explain you step by step like a video demo along with tips and tricks.. So be with me to know how it is possible..

In order to succeed in affiliate sales all that we need “Traffic”

“More Traffic = More Sales = More Money”

Why Do We Choose Demilked?

Getting traffic from tier one countries is the number one things that will make you money.

The free traffic source that I am going to show you today is getting more than 50% of its traffic from top tier countries and the traffic is also very massive than you expect. Trust me.

I am about to show you is a very simple copy and paste method that can get you a lot of results very quickly.

So if you are a beginner who wants to start your online journey with no skill and no investment you need to read this article fully.

Let’s get started…

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Free Motivational Advice:

You guys so just don’t get demotivated very easily.. keep on doing the work.. keep on doing the work.. because the opportunity to make money online is very massive and it is available to all.

No skill

No high quality of education

No technical

No fancy is required but the only thing that is required is consistent effort the traffic source.

What Is Demilked Com :


I am going to show you in this article is a massive traffic source is getting 1 million views each and every month and it is getting more than 50% of its views from tier 1 countries.

Don’t worry, I won’t hide the name of the website till the end because the people who are in a hurry they won’t as it is make money.

“The name of the website is Demilked ”

Please read the full article if you are serious about making money online.

Because there is a special way in which you will get traffic from this website and I am going to show you that way what are the tips and tricks and what you need to exactly do to get traffic from this website.

Step #1: Choose The Affiliate Product To Promote On

Now how will be make money? We will make money by promoting someone else’s product and if we are able to get sales for that persons we will receive 20%,  30%, and 40% Commission.

This is what is called affiliate marketing.

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Find The Right Products:

Now the first thing that you need to do is you need to find products that you can promote for that you can come to different affiliate market places where there will be a lot of products for you to choose from.

You can come to digistore24 just create your account it will literally take just 5 minutes…. it is very very simple.

Along with digistore24 you can come to a website called ClickBank or JVZoo or Warrior plus you can use any affiliate network with this method.

Once you just create your account in any one of these websites just come to the Marketplace of that website.

If I just take to digistore24 also and you will find that you have so many different categories to choose from pets, dating, relationship, health and fitness there are n number of different categories that you can choose from.

Now let me guess..which category worked for me ? Well the make money online category worked for me that is the category through which I have made the money.. Likewise you can choose any category you want.

Small Tips On Selecting Category:


Make Money Niche:

Just make sure that it is a general category like, it should appeal to a General audience like make money online everybody needs to make money.

Health And Fitness:

You can go with the health and fitness category everybody has a body everybody needs to exercise keep their weight under control and all of these different things.


You can go with the spiritual and the motivation niche because everybody has a mind and The Spiritual and motivation niche relates to the mental health of the people.

So you can just go with any Niche you want..

Along with that if I just click over here on the make money online niche you will see that there are so many different products that you can promote.


The thing that you need to focus on is that don’t select these products with very high cost because the more the cost the less people can afford it.

So just stick with this $35 to $50 these type of products because it will sell along with this the only skills that you need and I used to make money is common sense that is not so common anymore.

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Step #2: Demilked Sign Up:

Demilked Website For Free Traffic:

Because if I just go over here on the DEMILKED just scroll through this website for 10 minutes you can notice a pattern of which kind of posts are working.

You can see the post that have two pictures that are comparing something are working two pictures comparing something along with that posts that have some kind of a list 30 best or the best places or 1234 something like this.


So two things are working on this website. Images that have two pictures and post that are a list.

So this is some common sense that we are going to apply in order to make money with this website.

Sign up Demilked:

Now the first thing that you need to do is, just sign in and create your free account.

Once you do that just click over here on create post.

Now, the first thing that you will have to upload the images.

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Step #3: Create Comparison Images:



Don’t worry creating the image is super simple since we are promoting a make money online product.

We can compare a poor person and a rich person like that so just go to Google and just search for a poor person and a rich person and just download those two images.

Once you have downloaded the images in order to merge them into one. It is very simple you can come to a free website called Canva.

After that click over here on create design after that just click over here on this upload section and just upload those two images.

Once the two images are uploaded you can just drag and drop them over here.

Then you can just stretch them in order to fill the page and you can just download this super simple and very easy to make image.

Now just come back DEMILKED click over here on browse and just upload your image over here once you do that click over here on next and over here you need to write your content.

Step #4: Create Contents For Description:


Don’t worry as I said everything is copy and paste you don’t have to worry about anything.

Now the content that you need to put over your, this will depend on which type of a product you are promoting because there are many different things in make money online.

  • You can make money through Youtube, there are many course…
  • You can make money with no skill doing some data entry things, that are some products for that.
  • You can make money through email marketing affiliate marketing.

So the content that you need to upload will be something related to your product.

For an example let’s say we are promoting one product over here, that product says get paid to use Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

So this is a product that is catering to an audience that doesn’t have any skill and are looking to make money online without any skill.

So just come back to Google and just search over here how to make money online with no skill and you will see there you will get plenty of different results as you can see the first article that is what we need.

If I just scroll down below 7 simple ways 10 stupidly easy ways 25 different ways so this way you can just get your content.

Now if you’re not using clickbank and you are using digistore24 if you just search over here for internet marketing you will see that this is a course that is teaching people how to do YouTube how to make money with YouTube.

So in order to get the content for this particular product: if you are promoting this you can just go to Google just search for how to make money on YouTube and you will see that all these different results have appeared.

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Just make sure that you take an article that is in a numbered format then what you can do is just click over here on any one of these articles and you can just use their content and just be smart about it just don’t copy and paste each and everything.

Just use this one paragraph then go down use this another one paragraph so this way just be smart about using the content.

Step #5: Post Articles With Images On Demilked:

You can just copy and paste the content over here on DEMILKED.

For the title over here you can just write a catchy title like 6 ways to make money online with YouTube or 6 ways to make money online with no skill or 10 ways to make money with Drop shipping or email marketing or whatever type of product you are promoting.

Once you are done all of that now in order to paste your link, so that people can click on that link and they can go to your affiliate sales page in order for you to make money.


You can just write a line telling something about your product like want to learn a step-by-step way of making money with YouTube.

For instance I am promoting the YouTube course then what you can do is you can just place your affiliate link over here in order to get your affiliate link on ClickBank just click over here on promote.

Step #6: Paste Affiliate Link On Demilked:

Generate Affiliate Links From ClickBank:

After that just enter the nickname over here that you have created while creating the account then click over here on generate hoplink and this has become your affiliate link that you need to promote you can do this for any product you want to promote .

Generate Affiliate Links From Digistore24:

If you want to promote some digistore product just click over here on promote now and you will see that this is the affiliate link that you need to promote.

URL Shortner:

You can use any URL shortener like cutly, bitly, tiny URL or any URL shortener in order to shorten the link just copy the shortened link.

Come back to DEMILKED and just place your link over here. Now what will happen is that whatever text you place over here in this box nothing will be a clickable link everything will appear as a plain simple text .


Don’t worry I have a solution for that you have placed your link over here after placing your link in brackets you can just write copy and paste this link in a new tab.

So as you can see over here people will copy your link over here they will place it in a new tab and the link will be working again.

Step #7: Filling Tags And Categories On Demilked:

Filling Tags On DEMILKED:

So there will be no issues no problems after that if you just scroll down below for the tags you can just write something related to your niche like make money online is our niche earn money, make money, earn money fast, so these are 4 to 5 tags that you can write over here.

Filling Categories On DEMILKED:

Then for the categories over here you can just select either advertising or you can just select others from over here.

If you keep scrolling down below you can see that you can add a picture title and the picture description for this I would recommend you that you can just copy the title from over here and place it on the picture title.

The picture description is not important click over here on the Star icon so this can become your featured image then everything else is all set up click over here on next and you can just review your article once.

Final Step:

You think that everything is ok everything is good you can just click over here on finish and that is done.

This is all you need to do and you will start getting views very very easily with this copy and paste method.

But just make sure that you don’t just stick with one article and one niche try to create multiple articles in multiple niches and just see what is working for you along with this.

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So, hope this article help you now..

Now it’s your turn!!!

My hearty wishes.