How can one make money starting a blog
How can one make money starting a blog

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How can one make money starting a blog: You’re not alone if you want to begin a blog site. Lots of people begin blog sites wishing to be able to make money on the side, bring even more feet into the door of their traditional business, or even change their employment.

Every blog owner who gains income from their blog site understands that the only way you can make money is by maintaining the website traffic and obtaining coming. Without your visitors, you wouldn’t be earning money in any way.

There are lots of means to get them there, but the inquiry is – just how do you keep them returning? If a visitor isn’t excited by your blog whatsoever, then they’ll leave your blog, never ever to return once more.

Simple and basic factors to earn money from a blog:

“Make it Easy” |“Make Life Easy for others” |“Make Your Life Easy

FREE Solution:

Step #1 : Choose a Problem-solving Niche (Don’t depend on your passion alone)

Step #2 : Start writing a blog on FREE sites service like Blogger, Medium & Google site.

Step #3 : Ask the audience/friend’s problem

Step #4 : Choose the product to solve their problem

Step #5 : Write a blog about the cause /seriousness of the problem and recommend the product to solve the problem.

Step #6 : Drive FREE traffic from Social Media.

Step #7 : Sit back and see the results.

Step #8 : Rinse and Repeat the process.

Time to earn money from Blog:

Your part is over and passive profit will generate automatically on a daily basis.

Because you explained the problem, the seriousness of the problem, and the solution to sort out the problem.

1. Which means you helped them personally.. so you have rights to get the commission as credits. = commission charges

2. Since you solve other’s problems, this info will spread like anything and will get free traffic on a daily basis. = Google Adsense.

3. If you get enough organic traffic then you can advertise other’s products directly on your website. (But it takes time). = another income source

What else do you need?..

Let me give some hot tips for beginners to write better blogs..

4 Tips For Brainstorming Article Concepts

If you’re running a blog, thinking of fresh suggestions month after month isn’t constantly simple.

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