Sart a blog
Start a Blog

Start a blog is an excellent source to earn a minimum of $1000 per month simply, even beginner can do.

I am going to reveal all my experience and secrets to start a blog without any prejudice.

If you want to earn $1000 per month by using a blog, then just follow my step-by-step guide as shown below.

I am damn sure you will earn $1000 per month if you follow all the below steps properly. Moreover, I will be there to sort out all your problems until creating a blog. Let’s dive into “how to start a blog topic.”

1. What is a blog?

How to start a blog
start a blog

What is a blog?- yeah exactly it’s a fundamental question, many people know about it even. Some people say it’s an informational platform for giving information to all in sequential order.

But as I blogger I wish to say,

Blog = money-making platform / money generating machine

Blog = Writer convert his knowledge and experience to money

 Keep walking with me to read and complete this “how to start a blog” article.

2. What are the steps to start a blog?

Start a Blog

Just 7 easy and simple steps are there to start a blog as a beginner.

i). Select –  Blogging Platform:

Shall I open my first secret?. You know, nowadays creating a blog/website is more accessible than explaining our blog site’s requirements to website creators.

Start a blog is that much-uncomplicated work, the reason why all templates are already done for you. Just you need to drag and place in position with the help of (it’s free only)

create a blog
start a blog

Plenty of blogging platforms are there in the market, but I will not suggest the plenty.

I can suggest only one robust and reliable blogging platform which works more friendly to blog creator even for a newbie.

Even you can start with the BLOGGER site, but I cannot give assurance on this since I haven’t used it. (Apologize me for that)

After much research finally, I have found such an excellent blogging platform, i.e.  for my business (I’ve been using still) and suggesting herewith for your goodness.

ii). Pick – A Domain Name:

The domain name is not a simple word; it’s an identity of your business.

You should give more effort to find the best domain name to build your business also to register your business in the status of society.

Let me give you some tips to find the better domain name for your business.

While choosing domain name just consider the following factors in your mind.

  • Should be RELEVANT to your business
  • Should be the FAMILIAR name so that People can understand name itself
  • Should be the SHORT name so that people can remember it easily
  • Need to link with an email
  • Try to avoid giving symbols (like -, “, _)
  • Select extension based on your business requirement (.in (or) .com & etc,.).

iii). Choose – Host:

We can start a blog by using WordPress.Org (free of cost), but to store & publish your blog, you need a perfect host, that you can achieve by selecting the below one which I used for my business.

Start a blog with zero budget is quite better, but to earn our target money, we need to give our effort. 

Trust me below listed hosts are the very cheaper, more reliable & friendly user sites moreover  WordPress recommended. (this is what we need, right?)

  1. Bluehost              – Click here to know more about it.
  2. SiteGround         Click here to know more about it.

The good thing is here, once you purchase one of the above web hostings, you can check the market available domain name, and sometimes web hosting suggestions also will help you to get a better name than you preferred. 

But it’s up to you, because it will be your dream work, so do each and everything as you wish.

iv). Setup & Design -Blog themes:

Once done all the above works, we can start play in and around the designs.

Envato Elements


The following factors are most relevant, and it has to be done before creating a blog.

I am damn sure; you cannot find the below all factors in other’s guidelines. But, I am revealing because I need your satisfaction.

If you need my support to fix the below, just drop a comment in the below comment box.

  • Improve loading speed
  • Fix the schema factor
  • Content delivery network (CDN)
  • Installation of robots.txt file
  • Installation of Wordpress
  • Installation of SSL certificate
  • Install lightweight theme (GeneratePress & envato elements)
  • Installation of the essential plugin (check the below list)

Essential plugins to make your life easy:
  • Contact form 7
  • Rankmath SEO
  • Sitekit by Google
  • Broken line Checker
  • Easy table of contents
  • Link whisper
  • Elementer pro
  • W3 total cache
  • Wp coupons
  • Wp rich snippets
  • Social plug
  • Stackable
  • Wp rocket
  • Short pixel image optimizer
  • Table press
  • Thrive leads

Every plugin roles are important vital to start a blog.

v). Create – content blog/post:

Ahhh!!!! This is what we need right.

How to start a blog

Contents work as a vital role in your blog, and it will help you to lead to your business next level.

So to grab your audience, give more importance to your content. But never make a mistake by doing copy-paste of other blogger’s posts.

“Google will be watching you’re every move so none can escape from Google.”

Look, right or wrong just try with your own content, and don’t forget to keep the below points in the content loop while writing.

  • Write content from the bottom of your heart
  • Experience contents are more dominant than a suggestion
  • Write content from the viewer’s side not from Writer’s side
  • Content should cover solution for audience’s problem
  • Given an example
  • Give some offer to the viewer
  • Audience’s satisfaction is Our ultimate goal

Perhaps, you have zero knowledge of selecting niches, topics, and content writing then better you can use a troubleshooter tool that is SEMrush. (I used it).

Trust me 100% damn sure it will help you to get SEO rank in Google search.

I could say, this is the world best tool for bloggers, and everything related to contents are available here.

Wanna give a try on this- Just signup to check FREE 7 days trial.

Now everything is in your hand, add your first post- start playing with your contents according to your selected niches.

As I said in the above, once installed Generatepress or Envato elements, just replace the photos and contents with yours. That’s it.

If you need to know more, check here "How to create Content."

vi). Share – blogs to get traffic:

Traffic = Making access to the audience to reach your content.

There are two significant ways to get traffic.

  • Free traffic
  • Paid traffic

As a beginner, better try to go with the first option because Social Medias are an excellent way to get more traffic free of cost. Also, lots of news are spreading easily through social media.

Never forget to create an image with your domain name or blog topic and float it on social media

Free traffic Such as,

Create some attractive images with your domain name or blog’s topic and float it on social media.

Check the professional image in the below sites, pick and use for your blog’s promotion.

I used the below sites,

  1. Canva
  2. Visme

If you are ready to spend money, then give ads in the following platforms to get instant traffic.

Paid traffic such as,

  • Hubspot
  • Olx
  • Quickr
  • Facebook ads
  • Quora ads
  • Aweber
  • Convert kit
  • eBay seller
  • click funnel

Create some attractive banners by using Canva or Visme and give ads in the above platform.

Let me give some SECRETS to get more traffic with FREE of cost, and it works really well.

Share your contents in the below sites with free of charge.

Click here to know "How to get traffic."

vii). Start – Making Money with Blog:

how to start a blog

Different people are using a blog for different purposes.

But, making money with a blog is everyone’s ultimate goal. So stick on this and go ahead with your aim.

Follow the below thump rule to reach your audience faster,

  • Write a blog on a regular basis.
  • Try with the various concept.
  • Monetize your blog.

Making money without traffic is quite difficult, but try to go with the free traffic method since you are a beginner. (its my honest opinion). Subsequently getting some expected traffic, then approach google AdSense to get paid.

I dropped all the above points from my experience and knowledge. I got the result, and I gave the same method without any hindrance for supporting you.

Still, if you have any doubt, you can drop your question as a comment in the below comment box. I am always ready to sort out your doubts.

Now this is your turn!!!

Start a Blog & Start Earning Money

Hope my article reaches you at the right time, and it will help you to start your business.

how to start a blog

My hearty wishes.