sell plr ebooks on amazon
sell plr ebooks on amazon

How To Sell PLR eBooks On Amazon: If you wanna make money online in a legit way, then selling PLR eBooks is the right choice in 2021.

So, in this article, I will show you EXACTLY How to sell PLR eBooks on Amazon and also Where to sell PLR eBooks in order to make money online PLR.

There are ample articles out there about make money with PLR.

Most often, they are some sort of sales pitch to get you signed up for a seminar, webinar, training session, or other methods to turn into an online millionaire.

The point is NOT all online money making is impossible.

There are legitimate ways, but you must understand getting rich in a real way requires a good deal of effort and time as an investment to reel in those returns. 

However, if you are really determined to make money online PLR, turn an idea into a business, work from home, or even work in your pajamas, you can do it.

>>>>Ever heard of selling PLR eBooks online? <<<<

That’s what we are going to capture in this article.

It is indeed a legitimate job, and you don’t have to give up everything to begin fresh.

What is PLR eBooks?

eBooks in typical PDF that are sold through online sales channels having Private Label Rights (PLR) are referred to as PLR eBooks.

PLR is a license that permits the buyer to make certain changes in a product and sell it in his own name.

sell plr ebooks on amazon
how to sell PLR eBooks

For instance,

You can download PLR eBook online, improvise the content with extra valuable information, and sell PLR eBook online under your own digital banner.

Your one-time purchase of an eBook can be sold many times. Thus the earning potential is excellent.

Although there are other PLR material types like,

You can buy them at a low cost, and they contain the most information about other PLR material types.

You can generate several distinct articles, videos, audio, and use them for various marketing and sales processes.

The critical significance is you can sell your eBooks online via multiple sales channels profitably.

Make Money Online PLR: How To Do?

Bonus# : Let me show, How to make money online PLR in a graphical way.

sell plr ebooks on amazon
how to sell PLR eBooks

When it comes to earning money online PLR eBooks possess a significant advantage over the rest.

Although the key to success lies in the unique and valuable content, you add to make it your own.

Text content in the eBooks should be entirely rewritten.

You can infuse your ideas, thoughts, and add some personal touch to the content.

PLR content is many times, boring and vague.

Revamping it in your style can make it interesting for the readers, gives a good impression about your business, and increase brand awareness organically.

The creation and sale of information-related products fit like a glove into almost all business models.

For instance, you have a direct sales business, you can sell eBooks relevant to your business segment.

PLR can be used to gain a low-cost entry or to upsell your products and services.

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Where To Get FREE PLR eBooks?

How To Find Best Selling PLR eBooks?

There is a surplus of market places accessible to offer tons of PLR eBooks.

But honestly quite difficult to find some legitimate site among them to make money online PLR.

Because some internet hackers are splitting out duplicate content products (Abusing) to keep others in trouble.

On the other hand, some amazing sites also there to offer unlimited PLR eBooks over and over again.

Here we go, after researching many sites we found some legit sites and we used personally to get the confirmation on that.

Some of them are free sites and some of them paid.

Since I tested, I wish to show both FREE & PAID sites as well.

You can choose which is affordable for you.

  1. Free PLR Downloads
  4. Resell Rights Weekly
  6. Piggy Makes Bank

Let’s see detailed information of above site one by one.

1. Free PLR Downloads:

how to sell PLR eBooks

It’s 100% legit and free site to download FREE PLR eBooks, Softwares, Videos and Other Tutorials.

The good part is here, No need to Sign up even.

2. is one of the best platforms to download FREE PLR products to resell for making money.

make money online plr
make money online plr

The greatest thing is here currently more than 12,000 number of PLR products are available to reuse and product counts are increasing day-by-day like anything.

In order to download PLR products, you need to do sign up once by using your Gmail account.

Since IDplr site has both FREE & PAID membership, maximum you can download 200 numbers of PLR + 2 GOLD Products as free of charge.

Perhaps if you want to download more than 200 PLR products, then you need to pay a penny to be a Paid Membership.

Once you become a Paid Membership, you will get unlimited access to download all PLR products and FREE bonuses well. (Check my trick below)

But my suggestion is don’t go for Paid Membership, once you downloaded 200 PLR products then create a new account by using another Email ID and persist your hunting.


how to sell PLR eBooks
how to sell PLR eBooks site also the same as and the special thing is here lots of Done For You (DFY) PLR coaching courses and products are there which means you don’t need to do anything after downloading the products.

Everything is done for you and ready to sell immediately.

If you wanna give a try.

4. Resell Rights Weekly:

sell plr ebooks on amazon

HOPE!! The name itself everyone can understand easily.

Yes! Resell Rights Weekly is such a great site to get PLR products and you will get instant access to download, not 100, not 200 products it is wider than 700 products immediately.

Moreover, the following unbelievable bonus (i.e. accesses) you will get instantly once you signed up as a FREE membership.

  • Around 728 PLR/RR digital products.
  • 2 New launching products each and every week.
  • More than 300 Free Software tools.
  • Wondrous 10,000 Plus articles.
  • The above all are completely FREE, FREE & FREE.

5. (Paid Membership :1$)

make money online plr is a completely paid membership and legitimate site.

PAID Membership? What’s the cost of Paid Membership?

Oh no!! don’t think more.

PAID membership starts with just $1 for 7 days and you will get unlimited access to download all PLR products.

6. Piggy Makes Bank:

make money online plr
how to sell PLR eBooks

Piggy Makes Bank entirely different from the above all sites. Simply I can say that Piggy Makes Bank works like Amazon.

Which means, you have to pay a penny for each and every PLR downloads.

After downloading you can directly resell those PLR products to others for high value.

Comparing with other PAID membership sites Piggy is a very cheaper and legit site as well.

Paid or Free whatever, but you have to take action at the earliest since everyone is started using this method to make money online PLR.

How To Sell PLR eBooks on Amazon?

Selling PLR eBooks is very easiest work than we think.

Let me explain how to sell plr ebooks on amazon to make money online PLR selling process Step -By-Step here :

make money online plr
how to sell PLR eBooks

Step #1: DOWNLOAD Free PLR eBooks from various sites mentioned above. (Choose what you like) (Hope everyone knows how to download PLR ebooks).

Step #2: Change the Title of eBooks and don’t forget to MODIFY the eBook cover. You can change the eBook cover by using Canva or Visme template.

How to create a eBook cover:

In order to create a FREE eBook cover, you can use Canva or Visme online site.

All eBook cover templates are available as default in those websites.

You can choose based on your Title and simply rename the text and download the eBook in good quality. (Quality plays a vital role)

Step #3: UPLOAD the modified eBook on the eCommerce site or Own website.

Step #4: Get a link from the eCommerce site and Create Advertisement Banner or Landing Page. You can use Canva or Visme for creating an advertisement banner.

Step #5: PROMOTE the eBook product on social media & website by using Advertisement banner.

Step #6: Sell eBooks and GET MONEY. This is the final section which you are looking for.

Several ways are there by which you can sell PLR eBooks online. They are as follows:

how to sell PLR eBooks


how to sell PLR eBooks

Bundle up for sales:

how to sell PLR eBooks

Translate Into other Languages:

how to sell PLR eBooks

Set a higher value:

make money online plr

Re-purpose your eBook:

how to sell PLR eBooks

Sell PLR products in online eCommerce sites:

Where To Sell PLR eBooks Online?

Nowadays lots of market place, E-commerce sites, and Self-publishing sites are there to sell eBooks online.

Many people started selling eBooks as a part-time job and now turned into a full-time job. (I’m also in!!)

Fine, without any further delay let me show you some legit sites where you can earn thousands of dollars honestly by selling PLR eBooks online.

Let’s check where to sell PLR products:

1 Fiverr (First Priority): (Sell PLR eBooks on Fiverr)

I can say Fiverr is 100% legit site since I used it personally and getting paid.

For instance, let me show one of the average sellers’ dashboards for your reference.

how to sell PLR eBooks
make money online plr

2 Amazon Kindle (KDP): (Sell PLR eBooks on Amazon)

sell plr ebooks on amazon
make money online plr

Everyone knows about Amazon but only a few people know what is Amazon Kindle because those people are sellers.

Actually it’s a nice platform to sell eBooks to make money. Don’t miss it out.

Let me give an example to know how to sell PLR eBooks on Amazon:

Affiliate marketing secrets by Chandler Wright book is very inspiring for me and this affiliate marketing secret book is published on Amazon.

Yeah, it goes well nowadays.

3 Payhip: (Sell PLR eBooks on Payhip):

how to sell PLR eBooks
make money online plr

Generally sellers use this site not only for selling eBooks but also all digital products.

Apart from the above 3 specific sites, many other places are there to sell eBooks as follows,

  • Digistore24
  • Payloadz
  • Lulu
  • Blurb
  • Barnes & Noble press
  • Tradebit
  • Rakuten Kobo
  • Scribd
  • Instamojo
  • Feiyr

Like other business just be patient for sometime to get first payment of selling.

Then persist the same work again and again honestly and money will load on your bank account automatically.

Please make sure that you should have PayPal account to transfer money to your bank.

Leave worry If you haven’t an account just click here to create the account in 2 minutes.

Pros & Cons :

PLR Pros :

  • Reduced Time consumption:
    • Coming up with an idea, and starting from scratch is a long process.
    • Instead, PLR provides the outline and foundation to begin and complete in less time.
  • Economical:
    • Hiring a ghostwriter, videographer, designer, etc., is more expensive.
    • Whereas PLR content is highly affordable.
  • Flexible:
    • It’s advisable to make some changes, additions, and deletions. Having your own PLR rights permits you to revamp the content.
    • PLR products are great search engine feeds if you happen to be in the PPC business.
    • Making 25% to 50% changes to skip being tagged as duplicate content is sufficient.
  • A claim of Ownership:
    • PLR products are great platforms for your own thoughts and ideas.
    • Since it becomes your masterpiece, entirely new content, you are welcome to claim copyright in your name.
    • With one eBook, you can create hundreds and thousands of unique copies.
    • The possibilities are endless, and you have full liberty to proceed as you wish.

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PLR cons :

  • Non-exclusive:
    • Even though many PLR suppliers restrict the number of licenses sold, you’re still not buying unique content.
    • Therefore revising and turning it into your own eBook is crucial.
  • Generic:
    • PLR content could be generic and less appealing. Some may be poorly compiled.
    • Making it seem and sound interesting for the buyer is in your hands.
  • Restrictions:
    • Based on the PLR license, restrictions on its usage may be present.
    • In some instances, offering free PLR eBooks may not be allowed.
    • Although it is common in master resale rights (MRR) content, PLR materials also possess limitations.
    • Make sure you read the license instructions carefully.

Final Thoughts :

Hope the following questions are covered in my article.

  1. How to sell PLR eBooks online?
  2. Where to sell PLR eBooks online?
  3. How to make money online PLR in a super-duper method?
  4. Pros & Cons of selling PLR eBooks online?

PLR eBooks are a great option for an online business for economical business people who require content in massive volumes.

There are several solutions to overcome disadvantages.

It should not discourage anyone from seeing them as practical and worthwhile solutions to making money online.

Now this is your turn!!!

My hearty wishes.