part time jobs
Part time jobs

13 Best Online Part Time Jobs & Home Jobs: How many of us felt like an extra $1000 would change our lives?

For a day job that covers the bills, an extra side hustle could make you feel rich and content. For many others, it could make a monumental difference in their lives.

With the current COVID-19 pandemic, the situation is even worse. Many of us are losing jobs, unable to invest in a business, and reduced earning streams.

Part time jobs

Try explaining that to your wonderful kid who wants a video game or wishes for a birthday party! It hurts to be unable to fulfill their small desires.

Extra cash could support your education, meet your daily needs, offer medical support, surprise your loved ones, or even save for a splendid vacation.

So, what can we do now?..

How long can we work as a slave in other company?

When can we have a own business?

How to earn $1000 per month?

So, in order to commence our new business, at least we should have own part time jobs to get an additional amount.

Thus, I will give you the best solution to find legit online part time jobs to work as a home jobs. Just be with me to complete this artilce…

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Who Needs Online Part Time Jobs?

Oops! Who doesn’t want money!!!

Part time jobs
  • Student
  • Job-less person
  • Who hates 9-5 job
  • Part-Time job seeker
  • Housewife
  • Who wants to make passion as profession
  • At last who needs to change the current life

Benefits of Online Home Jobs?

Part time jobs
Best Online Jobs From Home

Being independent is the need of the hour. Even if you wish to support your parents during their post-retirement stage, online part time jobs come in handy.

It’ll keep them occupied, flexi-hours make it convenient and they don’t have to expect from anyone.

Online part time jobs are a savior for people who face unfavorable situations that don’t permit them to take up a full-time job.

Imagine handling toddlers and a full time jobs, whoa! However, there are several straightforward, investment-less, and legitimate ways of online income generation.

That’s what we are going to shed some light on here.

What Are The List Of Part Time Jobs?

Quick bonus:

It’s my humble request; perhaps If you are looking for any magic work to earn thousands of dollars overnight, this article will not help you.

Because without doing nothing, you cannot earn single money.

But I can help you to earn money faster by doing a smart work without investment. All you need to do is follow up on the below steps properly and ask me your query in the comment box if you get stuck.

I’m sure that you can earn a minimum of $1000 per month using one of the below-listed online jobs if you work smart/hard.

For your additional information: I personally used and tested all the below mentioned jobs and sites.

This article is just an overview of online jobs, and each job has been derived in-depth as step-by-step in separate articles on this website.

Okay, let me give you the list of online jobs to earn money a minimum of $1000 per month without any further delay.

1. Freelancing Job.

Part time jobs
Best Online Jobs From Home

If you have good technical skills, then a Freelance job is an excellent option for you. Offers for beginners can start from $5 and may increase to $150 for experienced hands.

There are a couple of options like Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer. There are other options, too, like freelance photography, consultant services, accounting services, and many more.

Check the below legit sites that offer this home jobs without investment.

Best Freelancing Sites:

  1. Fiverr – (My favorite part time jobs always)
  2. Upwork
  3. Freelancer

Check this article to know how to earn $500/day from this site.

2. Selling PLR eBooks online. 

Part time jobs
Best Online Jobs From Home

Selling ebooks is an excellent option to earn profitably through multiple channels.

You can convert them into videos, audio files, articles, or other private label rights products. 

Work Procedure: Download PLR eBooks from FREE sites, Change the book cover and Resell the same eBooks to other sites.

Where to Get FREE PLR eBooks?

  1. Free PLR Downloads
  4. Resell Rights Weekly
  6. Piggy Makes Bank

Where to Sell PLR eBooks?

Read this article to know how to sell eBooks online to earn $850/month from this site.

3. Affiliate Marketing 

part time jobs from home
Best Online Jobs From Home

How to earn $100 per month? This is one of the best online part time jobs from home to earn unlimited money (passive income) in an easy way without any specific skills. Which means anybody can do it.

Affiliate marketing is a kind of marketing technique based on performance. The earning process is based on a commission by promoting other people’s or company’s products.

You can choose the product you like, promote it, and earn from each sale’s profit. For this kind of job you don’t wanna send your full time since it’s 2-3 hours per day part time jobs to do from home.

It may not only be a sale but also can be driving traffic or generating leads. 

See this FREE massive guideline to do affiliate marketing in 30 days to earn $1000/month.

4. Online Survey/micro jobs 

part time jobs from home
Best Online Jobs From Home

If you search any “part time jobs near me” on google probably would find an online survey job as the first position.

Earning from the online survey is relatively easy. All you need to do is take up the survey questions, provide your opinions, and earn rewards.

Some amount of market research might be required for a few. The pay may vary depending upon the topic. 

If you can take up multiple surveys in a day, you can earn well indeed. If you wanna do easy and skill less jobs at home, it would be the great choice for beginners.

Best Online survey job sites:

  1. Yougov
  2. GetPaidTo
  3. Clixsense
  4. Prize Rebel
  5. Survey Savvy
  6. Fushion cash
  7. Toluna

Check this article to know more about Survey jobs and to earn $30/day.

5. Data Entry Jobs (Typing Jobs)

part time jobs from home
Best Online Jobs From Home

Earning from Data entry jobs is entirely based on your typing speed.

Good typing skills, pay per entry, can increase your income automatically over time.

It is a low-stress job with a Flexible Working Schedule.

Best Data Entry Sites :

Check this article to know how to earn $25/hour on typing jobs.

6. Reselling videos on YouTube 

part time jobs from home
Best Online Jobs From Home

Reselling videos takes less time as you don’t have to start from a concept from scratch.

Choose the stream of videos to sell,plan the content you want to publishcreate your videos, and finally upload.

YouTube’s monetization de amount determines the amount you get. 

Best Sites To Get FREE Stock Videos:

  • Pexels
  • Pixabay
  • Videezy
  • Life of vids
  • Splitshire

Best Place To Get FREE Audio Musics:

  • YouTube Audio Library

Check this article to know how to make videos and resell online to earn $1000/month.

7. Creating Own YouTube channel 

part time jobs from home
Best Online Jobs From Home

Nowadays, starting a channel on YouTube can even be done as a hobby. Make your channel successful enough by posting exciting videos so that it meets the YouTube Partner Program criteria.

Install an AdSense account to earn money. Monetization for your videos will be based upon the number of views your videos attract.

Just make sure you get to know the types of videos that you can monetize and the various ad formats.

Click here to get the best content to create YouTube channel to earn $784/month(it’s a passive income).

8. Online-Virtual Assistant 

part time jobs from home
Best Online Jobs From Home

Some companies outsource jobs for virtual assistants, who work remotely and from home. No commute is necessary.

It would be best if you had sound knowledge and understanding of the internet.

As a virtual assistant, you are most likely to communicate with diverse people online.

Legit Sites For Virtual Assistant Jobs:

Refer this article to know how to earn a minimum of $30/hour on Virtual Jobs.

9. Online Tutoring jobs 

part time jobs from home
Best Online Jobs From Home

You need to know a subject or a topic and have the interest to teach.

You can set up your schedule, decide the issues, choose the age group, get familiarized with the curriculum, and start teaching in your style.

A valid qualification and efficient communication are sufficient.

Best Online Tutoring Job Sites:

If you wanna know how to earn $500/month on Tutoring jobs-click here.

10. Sell Paintings, Drawings, and Handicrafts Online 

part time jobs from home

Selling artistic products and decors in multiple marketing channels and eCommerce portals can fetch you a handsome income.

It could be paintings, sketches, decorative, handicrafts, and more. Also, you can buy and sell at a profitable rate. 

Best Sites To Sell Drawings:

Saatchi ArtShopify

Click and see this article to know more about this topic to earn $200/drawing.

11. Sell Your Selfie Photos online

part time jobs from home
Best Online Jobs From Home

If your passion is all about photography and design, there are many stock photography websites where you can sell images and license your photos online.

When a user pays to download your image, you get royalty paid to your account. 

Where to sell your SELFIE photos?

Pay Your Selfie (Mobile App.)
Scoop Shot (Mobile App.)Alamy
Adobe StockPhotoShelter

Check how to sell selfie photos online to earn $20/photo.

12. Do App reviewer online. 

part time jobs from home
Best Online Jobs From Home

It is simple and less time-consuming. Download an app, write short and concise reviews about it after using it for a while.

Once your review passes the moderation, you will be rewarded to your account. 

See this article to know more about this job to earn $15/review.

13. Voice-over jobs online 

part time jobs from home
Best Online Jobs From Home

There are ample requirements for voice-over jobs.

You can either choose to give voice-over for projects or offer voice-over training or coaching services online. Either way, both pay well. 

See this article to know more about this job to earn $20/voice.

Payment Method:

Hey this is what our ultimate goal? Am I right?

Make sure that you should have “PayPal” account to receive the payment for the all above sites.

If you don’t have an account, try to create in 2 minutes.

Click Here to Create PayPal account in couple of minutes.

Final words:

Thus earning online is not that complicated. Ultimately, it all boils down to your goals and how much income you require.

If earning an extra 200 dollars could suffice your need, how about making $1000 or even more every month?!

But yes, it could take some time.

You are investing your time and knowledge and transforming it into money. If you wish to have a respite from mundane 9-5 jobs, unable to commute, stay-at-home parent, stop dreaming, and start earning.

Make fair use of your earning potential through these online jobs.

All that we have discussed are legitimate jobs that one can do at your convenient time at your home’s comfort.


1. What are the qualifications required to do an online job?

  • Online jobs don’t require any particular qualifications.
  • You can either choose the job as per your qualification or undertake training programs or certification courses to establish credibility. 

2. How much money can I earn from online jobs?

  • Depending on the job you take up, and the hours you invest, you can set your income.
  • The level of advancement also can give you more pay opportunities.
  • Sites like Upwork or Zirtual may provide Compensation from $10 per hour to even $100. 

3. What kind of job can I do from home?

  • There are plenty of jobs that you can do from home like Virtual Assistant, Freelance Writer, selling PLR eBooks, creating a YouTube channel, and many more.
  • Depending upon your interest, professional skills, and qualification, you may decide what job to do from home.

4. How do I start an online job?       

  • Unlike other career options, online jobs can be started immediately.
  • Once you find the job of your interest, look for sites that offer online jobs like tutoring, virtual assistant, or freelance jobs.
  • If you are well-versed at writing, you can but PLR eBooks and sell them online after improvising the copy. 

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Now it’s your turn!!!

My hearty wishes. 


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